What exactly is a Street Workout? This is a question that every person who wants to take care of their body asks themselves… In fact, at least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, many who exercise and want to look good and muscular never even ask this question or project the answer in their head themselves and thus spend a large part of a week, months or life in delusion. The ordinary, uninformed world probably never wonders.

Judging by Wikipedia and several other sites, Street Workout is a type of training or discipline that is a combination of gymnastics and acrobatics. Abbreviated and simple. Giving myself the right to comment, I will say that this is just a scratched surface of a true Street Workout. On the other hand, if you ask anyone who is serious about this discipline, you will realize that for them it is a source of strength, inexhaustible will and desire for a better version of themselves, a guardian of health and ultimately a way of life.
In today’s consumer world, where everything is optimized to be now and immediately, as soon as possible and as fast as possible, SW probably doesn’t seem like a tempting option to people. No one cares how much time it takes for a superior body, and above all for a transition to a healthy lifestyle that can often be turbulent and difficult. Because of this, many turn to quick fixes such as unnatural supplements or steroids. The problem is not really in their body, but in their head. It is necessary to fall many times and “hit the head against the wall”, stagnate or endure too strong muscle inflammation, in order for the results to start appearing.
Also, the fact is that, despite all this, Street Workout is for some reason much less respected and understood among people who engage in physical activities, sports, etc. Why this is so will remain a mystery.

However, these are just my opinions and the definitions I found on the internet. I’m sure the picture is completely different when you step into the real world. I was wondering what some of my acquaintances, colleagues or friends think about Street Workout. To prove how much opinions actually vary, I did a little interview with all of them and in a casual conversation asked them about some concepts. This is a story about them, people who have never done interviews, think that their opinion does not count because no one cares. I wanted to make them my interlocutors and for a few minutes make them feel like world stars in some podcast. The answers were quite interesting some even weird or understated.

When I asked my neighbor, Stefan (24), what he thought about Street Workout, he replied: ” Street workout is something I can’t imagine myself without, even though I now mostly train on hoops. I trained at the gym for a few months, but I got bored. I felt strong, but somehow sluggish and dysfunctional. The gym definitely gives fast results, but training outside is irreplaceable for me. Plus I don’t like the crowds and the music in the gym. “

Alexander (25) was a little more detailed: ” Calisthenics is the best thing I’ve discovered, about 7-8 years ago. I’ve been exercising ever since, more or less regularly even though I haven’t been very active lately (trying in the apartment), but I can say that there is no substitute for some weight training. Some muscles are very difficult to target with a bar (street workout), i.e. without weights, and if definition is important to someone (like me) then they will combine a little with weights. But Street Workout is the best thing if you do it right. Build a great body, with only 5-10 in a series, a few series every 2-3 days and you look like a “dragon” (with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle). For legs, etc. there are squats, lunges and cardio. It’s hard to start, but little by little, and everything is built. The human body is amazing “

George (23) made a short but interesting observation: “There is a street phrase among us Serbs that reads: ” The mass is a mom! ”. I wouldn’t agree, I don’t like to look undefined like a full bag of groceries, I want to see every muscle of mine and the result of every push-up or sit-up. “

Miljan (19) tried to be objective and not take anyone’s side: ” Although I don’t train Street Workout and I don’t have a definition, I have to say that I have nothing against SW and that in some things it is even a better option than the gym. The body is under less load, and you can certainly build muscle with good training and nutrition. I don’t see why someone couldn’t have a lot from SW. I’ve seen a lot of guys who have built up solidly and evenly from SW.

Ivan (23) just laughed at my question. Asked to explain his reaction, he said: ” Street Workout? Are you kidding? I think it only serves to prove yourself in front of girls and for some skinny guys who want to look bad and muscular, but in fact they are weak. The gym made me stronger and I would never play with bars, hoops and other nonsense, I would feel like a girl. “

Hearing all these statements, some a little rational, some a little less, I realized that not all people are very familiar with the very concept of Street Workout. Unfortunately, there is a lot of prejudice and misinformation. It will be a long and arduous journey to some mass enlightenment on this topic, but every true Street Workout fan will prove to people by his own example, his own sculpted body like a Greek God and thus prove the power of the human body and ordinary metal bars.

Credit to @_vitalypavlenko_ for featured image.

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