This post is associated with Street Workout & Calisthenics, and if you are new in this amazing sport some words and phrases you will not understand.

1. What is your name, how old are you and where are you from?

Hi I am Sot Workout, I am 21 years old and I come from Greece.

2. Your height and weight?

My height is 181 cm and my weight is 73 kg.

3. Can you describe yourself as a person from the private life?

I will say few things about my life. First of all I am stubborn. If I want something, I will do everything to get it and everything to keep it.

Also I believe I am disciplined, because I believe discipline is everything if you want success and I putted discipline in my life in a lot of things to be successful.

4. What’s your personal record in Front lever hold?

My personal record in Hefestos, normal Hefestos is 11 and Hefestos from Back Lever is 5.

5. When you started to train Street Workout and how? Who motivated you?

I have started Street Workout in 2013. I saw videos on YouTube from Russian old-timers, Anton Abasov, Dimitri Kuznetsov and Vladimir Sadkov and I wanted to try it because that year I was only doing basic exercises, I didn’t know anything about Street Workout and then I wanted to start, I wanted to try it and then I got motivated by this.

6. Top 3 Street Workout athletes in your opinion?

Top 3 athletes in my opinion worldwide in Street Workout and Calisthenics are Viktor Kamenov, he is all around with dynamics and powerful statics. I like Eryc Ortiz, he is also one of the most complete all around the world in everything, push and pull strength. And also I believe one of the most complete in statics, I mean only statics not dynamics is Zoran Pesterac from Serbia.

He has the most powerful variations. He has everything from Planche, everything from Front Lever, Back Lever skills, Handstand skills, Hefesto skills and almost every variations of these elements.

7. What are your main goals with Street Workout?

I want to have all statics clean. I like clean Calisthenics so I want to have everything clean, Back Levers, Front Levers, Hefestos and Flags etc.

8. Do you train Dynamics?

No, I don’t like dynamics and I don’t train dynamics. I have some dynamic skills, but I don’t like them and almost never train them.

9. What do you think about All Dude Workout channel?

I like All Dude Workout channel. He has good variations of content, tutorials, workout videos, different things. And I want to say thank you for promoting my videos and photos on Instagram, that’s it.

I am glad I interviewed athlete like you! Thank you very much and SALUTE!

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