1. Can you present yourself?

Okay, so my name is Alois, I am 20 years old and i live in Nice, in the south of France

2. Your height and weight?

So, I am 1 meter 69 centimeters and I have 68 kilograms.

3. What is your favorite Street Workout element?

My favorite Street Workout element is One arm handstand flag, I also like Entrada the angel.

4. When and how did you start to train Street Workout? Who did motivate you?

I started to train in 2015 thanks to my friend Hamidou, first I started with basic exercises.

5. How looks your diet?

Mostly, I eat what I cook by myself with basic food like rice, meat and vegetables.

6. Top 5 Street Workout athletes in your opinion?

In freestyle I will say Kirill Karabut from Ukraine and Germain Lenis from Columbia.

For only static I think it is one of the Chine’s guys Chen Yong Tong, for dynamics I thinks it is David Cubillos from Columbia, and for the woman I thinks it is Stefani Villamizar also from the Columbia.

7. What are your main goals with Street Workout?

I am not really going into Street Workout, I just practice because I like it and Street Workout give me enjoy and pleasure.

8. Dynamics or Static?


9. Who are your workout partners?

I don’t have a Street Workout partners, because I mostly train alone, but sometimes I train with Zimaho, Valentin and with other athletes from my team Outsiderz.

10. What music do you listen to when you train?

When I train I listen to Trap, Dubstep trap and also classical music.

11. What do you think about All Dude Workout channel?

I think this guy knows a lot about Street Workout and he is one of the best compilators ever!

I am glad I interviewed athlete like you! Thank you very much and SALUTE!

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