This post is associated with Street Workout & Calisthenics, and if you are new in this amazing sport some words and phrases you will not understand.

This interview is published on 6th September 2019 to my YouTube channel All Dude Workout.

1. What’s your full name, how old are you and where are you from?

My real name? I don’t want to say it 🙂 I am 22 years old and I am from the France (South of France-Perpignan).

2. When did you start to train Street Workout and how? Who motivated you?

I started the Street Workout in May 2015, I started with static and dynamic, I did Parkour before.
The person who motivated me was @n1ko_workout, Just behind the camera he is smiling 🙂 at start I watched a lot N1k, in 2016 I watched Zoran Pesterac and Giancarlos Ponce, I still watch them.

3. What’s your favorite element? And can you give a few tips for that element?

My favorite element is the Victorian Cross, few tips for that element are attempts but first develop muscles useful for the Victorian: Back shoulders, Lombs, Back.
Front Lever and Victorian are not the same thing btw.

4. Who is your favorite Street Workout athlete?

I would say Ziolus, but he is not really my favorite athlete, but he is behind me on the screen 😀 and he is creating new elements and I really like that.

5. Top 3 Street Workout athletes in your opinion?

My favorite athletes are @ziolus @emanuele_majeli and @pesterac_97

6. What are your main goals with Street Workout?

My main goals are to have a fun first, get pleasure, why not get a good level, that is why I try to train Victorian Cross on the floor, Victorian Cross, Reverse Planche and many others elements which are little bit unusual.
Also I have a goal to be complete athlete and that is why I am focusing at the Planche.

7. What do you think about All Dude Workout channel? 😀

I think this is a channel who came step by step, with a lot of new content. In my opinion it’s very nice to see new Street Workout channels on YouTube.
I finished, I think. 😀

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