Interview with Calisthenics athlete Darnel Hoarau

1. Can you present yourself ?

My name is Darnel Hoarau, I’m 19 years old and I’m from The Seychelles.

2. Your height and weight?

My height is 161cm and I weigh 50KG.

3. What is your favorite Street Workout element ?

I don’t actually have a favorite because I like both push and pull skills, but if I had to pick for push it would have to be Planche and Maltese and for Pulls it would have to be Victorian Cross on Rings and One Arm Front Lever.

4.When and how did you start to train Street Workout? Who motivated you ?

I started training Street Workout 4 years ago in 2017. I actually got the inspiration from when I was in Thailand I was watching Bar Brothers Videos and an advertisement popped up and I saw Lazar Novovic doing pull-ups, push-ups and all these basic exercises. I was really impressed because those guys looked like they could defy gravity and it was only bodyweight so I was really intrigued but at that point I got inspired and then when I got back to my country Seychelles I decided to do some more research about bodyweight training and everything, since they really inspired me. Back then I found Mad Barz Routines, I started doing push-ups, pull-ups until it just became an addiction as it kept on going.

5. Top 3 Street Workout athletes in your opinion ?

My Top 3 Street Workout athletes would have to be Eryc Ortiz, Angela Larosa and Daniels Laizans.

6. What are your main goals with Street Workout ?

My goals for Street Workout ultimately would be to inspire people to keep training, to pursue their goals and create their unique style when it comes to this sport. And a personal goal of mine would have to be being able to compete in one of those tier competitions like World Of Barheroes, Street Workout Ultimate battles, Burningate in the future. Yeah that would be an ultimate dream of mine.

7. Dynamics or Statics ?

My goal is to be complete but if I had to pick between statics or dynamics I would have to say that I pick Statics.

8. What music do you listen to when you train ?

The type of music I listen to actually depends on two factors, how I’m feeling and what I’m training. So if I’m gonna be training like a static skill or I’m doing a strength based workout it will most likely consist of Trap based music, Dubstep, something up there that can get the adrenaline pumping. Only exception for that would be if I’m training one arm handstand that will be a little more chill. Besides from that my genres of music would have to be trap, dubstep some oldies as well and sometimes a little bit of rock but mainly trap though.

9. Your favorite motivation quote ?

One quote that I think if I recall correctly would be from CT Fletcher. It would have to be “Tell me I can’t do it and I will prove you wrong”.

10. What do you think about All Dude Workout Channel ?

I’ve been a subscriber to All Dude Workout for a while now and all I can say is the content is amazing from the tutorials to interviews to motivational videos that he posts are simply AMAZING.

11. I am glad I interviewed an athlete like You! Thank you very much and SALUTE!

I would also like to thank All Dude Workout for this amazing opportunity to get interviewed and I’m truly grateful for this. You have no idea. So yeah until next time, take care peace.

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