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This post is associated with Street Workout & Calisthenics, and if you are new in this amazing sport some words and phrases you will not understand.

The impossible dip, also known as Triceps extension dip (TED) is a Street Workout&Calisthenics element.

This tutorial is made by Stefano Ravarino.


– Go down with your forearms until they touch the support;

(Or until they arrive to horizontal position)

– Raise up with a triceps extension without moving your body or kipping with legs;

– Shoulders should not go over the elbows line.

Muscles used:

– Mainly forearms;

– Triceps and

– Rear deltoids.


(These requirements are not strictly necessary, but they are important for an effective and safe progression)

– Around 40 dips or 1 RM with 1 BW added;

– 5 slow Muscle ups;

– 8/10 Russian dips.

Main exercises:

– Controlled eccentrics;

– Half rom TED;

– TED with loopband;

– TED with shoulders in front of elbows.

Complementary exercises

– Hammer wrist curls

(Use neutral grip);

– Triceps extensions on floor

(Or any variation);

– Reverse Planche lean

(Useful for preparing the rear deltoids to unbalance backward during the TED).

Hands position:

Put your fingers under the parallel bars and make a pressure with the lower part of your palms (like you want to raise the front part of the parallel bars)

You can use thumps up to make it easier.


– This move can be very stressful for your elbows tendons, so don’t train it too much (1 day a week is enough);

– There is a good transfer from other Calisthenics moves for TED (especially from the pulling moves like muscle ups, false grip muscle ups, front lever pull ups, etc.)

Better concentrate your efforts on these and probably you will achieve TED with little specific training;

– Avoid to start TED training if you feel pain or if you have been training for a short time (the forearms and tendons usually need years of training to be prepared for starting this);

– You can use to train TED with wider parallels in the beginning (around 70 cm = easier) and then passing gradually to normal width (55/60 cm).

Other useful exercises:

There are many ways and exercises to reach this move.

I will mention only I consider the best:

– TED with feet on ground (bent legs then straight);

– TED with using body momentum or kipping with legs;

– TED with legs on parallels.

For the full and detailed tutorial check out the video below.

By Stefano Ravarino.

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