Front Lever Tutorial by Danil Sletin/STREET WORKOUT COMMUNITY

1. Start Training with Front Lever attempts. (If you are able).

Do 1-2 FL attempts

2. Putting in Front Lever: you need to raise your legs and slowly go down and try to hold Front Lever. Do 3-5 sets with 5 reps and with the proper break between sets.

3. After that, do Front Lever with one leg. Do 4-6 sets (Holds) and every set try to hold it as much as possible.

4. Last exercise is Front Lever raises. Go with straight body in Front Lever position and back to starting position. Do 3-5 sets with 5 reps.

5. Only for advanced athletes! Go from L-Sit to Front Lever. Do as much as you can – sets and reps. This will help you to improve your Front Lever to professional level.

For the full and detailed tutorial check out the video below.

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